Bravia Structures and Finances a 20% Strategic Investment in Avolon Holdings for Bohai Leasing Company

Jul 14, 2015

Hong Kong, July 14, 2015 – Bravia Capital, the global investment and advisory firm announced today that they have arranged, structured and financed for Bohai Leasing Company (Bohai) a 20% strategic investment in Avolon Holdings Ltd. Avolon is a leading international aircraft leasing company, headquartered in Ireland, with a portfolio of commercial aircraft on lease globally. Under the terms of the transaction Bohai will acquire 20% of the common shares of Avolon (NYSE:AVOL), making Bohai the largest single shareholder.

The strategic investment in Avolon will strengthen Bohai’s position in global transportation and equipment finance, as a complement to the company’s existing investment in Hong Kong Aviation Capital.

Bharat Bhise, CEO of Bravia Capital commented: “After the acquisition of the Allco Aviation aircraft leasing program in 2010, and its subsequent sale to Bohai Leasing in 2012, we are pleased to have brought this investment opportunity to Bohai. We believe it is the next step for Bohai to become a world leading aircraft leasing group. With this investment, Bohai will have participated in financing over 200 modern generation commercial jets. This investment will bring to Avolon increased access to China, the fastest growing aviation market in the world today. We expect that our structuring of this transaction will create long term value for the shareholders of both companies.”

Hal Hayward, Managing Director of Bravia Capital commented: “Size and scale in this sector bring significant competitive advantages through purchasing power, best-in-class debt financing and platform utilization.   Acceleration of Avolon’s growth through deeper relationships in China will bring the company benefits in all of these areas. “

About Bravia Capital: Bravia Capital is a global investment and advisory firm with a primary focus on transportation, logistics, infrastructure and financial service investments worldwide. Bravia have recently completed several key transportation sector acquisitions on behalf of itself and its partners: Cronos (2015) TIP Trailer Services Group (2013), Africa World Airlines in Ghana (2012), Seaco (2011), MyCargo Airlines (2011), and MyTECHNIC (2010). For more information please go to the company’s web site:

About Avolon Holdings Limited: Avolon is an international aircraft leasing company, headquartered in Ireland, with regional offices in China, Dubai, Singapore and the United States. Avolon provides aircraft leasing and lease management services. At June 30, 2015, Avolon had an owned, managed and committed fleet of 250 aircraft serving 55 customers in 32 countries. Avolon has an owned and managed fleet valued at US$5.6 billion and a committed pipeline of aircraft of c. US$7 billion.