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Interview with Bharat Bhisé – Executive, Investor and International Business Leader

In 2000, Bharat Bhisé established Bravia Capital as an aviation investment business. Since then, it has made numerous investments in leasing, transportation, and logistics businesses. Bhisé served on six major multi-billion operational boards as the primary non-management Director with executive authority. Since the COVID era, Bravia Capital’s focus has been geared towards companies with environmental, social, and governance mandates; together with this, it is focused on philanthropy and public service, especially in areas such as U.S. domestic financial security, gender parity, and anti-racial discrimination.

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Interview with Bharat Bhisé – Investor and Philanthropist

Bharat Bhise has spent several decades investing in transportation and logistics finance businesses, during which time Bravia Capital focused on the fast-growing Asian markets. Since then, Bhise has spent his time in thought leadership, especially in the area of future conflicts between conflicting forms of government, governance, intellectual property, and free speech. Together with his wife, Swati Bhise, he remains passionate about gender parity and anti-racial discrimination and supports numerous organizations devoted to these causes.

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Democracy must be something more than two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner

— James Bovard