Youth Programs

Youth Programs

Another example of Bravia’s commitment to philanthropic efforts is its support of various youth programs via sport.

Sir Garry Sobers International Schools Cricket Tournament

Bravia is planning to sponsor the 2020 Sir Garry Sobers International Schools Cricket Tournament, founded in 1986. Youth teams, with competitors aged 19 and under, will compete against local, regional and international teams during the tournament. Bravia’s sponsorship means that amateur cricketers will continue to learn the sport while competing in the international arena.



Sir Garry Sobers Festival of Golf Tournament

Bravia sponsored the 2019 Sir Garry Sobers Festival of Golf Tournament held in May. Spanning four days, the golf tournament is played on four world-class courses in Barbados and is a qualifier for the Latin American PGA tour. Bravia plans to continue its sponsorship for the 2020 tournament.

White Collar Boxing

In 2014, Bravia participated in “White Collar Boxing,” which supports “The Children’s Surgical Centre (CSC)” in Cambodia. This Center provides a range of specialized rehabilitation surgical services, surgical training, and direct support to the people of Cambodia – free of charge. CSC is an international non-governmental organization (NGO) recognized by the Cambodian government. CSC aims to improve the quality of life for disabled Cambodian children and adults by providing free rehabilitation surgery. Integral to this mission is a program of training local surgeons and health workers, focusing on the development of sustainable health services. CSC provides a wide range of surgeries – encompassing orthopedic and eye surgery, and plastic & burn surgery.


Furthering Bravia Capital’s belief in commitment to society, we also participate in conjunction with many other professional entities in “EMpower” ( – a not-for-profit organization that provides at-risk youth in emerging countries with tools and resources they need to lead healthy, productive lives.

Fund raising efforts around the globe provide Empower with the necessary funds to grant scholarships and other building blocks such as education, health and well-being, leadership and community engagement to 10-24 year-old in countries such as China, India, Indonesia, The Philippines and Vietnam.

As in many developing countries, females face considerable obstacles in obtaining adequate education, freedom from sexual harassment or violence, and other gender related difficulties. Empower works to level the playing field in education by subsidizing girls school uniforms, school fees and even residences for rural girls. Along with the girls’ education, part of the program is designed to also educate parents, families and local environments on the advantages of keeping the girls in school. Bravia is proud to be a supporter of this valuable program in aiding youth and young adults in becoming healthy individuals and good citizens.

Competitive sports are played mainly on a five-and-a-half inch court, the space between your ears.

— Bobby Jones