Bravia Capital Partners announces sale of two B737-300s

Sep 8, 2006

NEW YORK — Bravia Capital Partners, a global commercial aircraft finance, investment and leasing company today announces the sale of two B737-300s (MSN 24454/24360) with CFM56-3C1 engines to Arik Air, a start-up airline, based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Bravia purchased the B737s through an affiliate special purpose vehicle in 2004 as part of a six-aircraft acquisition during the United Airlines’ Chapter 11 restructuring. The two aircraft underwent extensive maintenance and modification work: a comprehensive D-check, engine maintenance at Snecma, update of all Airworthiness Directives, and a major interior upgrade. Both aircraft have been configured to EASA requirements. Currently, the aircraft feature a passenger configuration with several interior upgrades, including all leather seats. The aircraft will operate on intra-continental routes within Africa.

“Through our bridge financing capabilities, we performed extensive and bridge maintenance upgrades on the aircraft before delivery. ” affirms Mr. Bharat Bhisé, CEO, Bravia Capital Partners.

Bravia Capital Partners is a global finance leasing company that specializes in addressing the aircraft fleet requirements in the aviation marketplaces of India, China and Eastern Europe. The company specializes in PDP financing, finance leasing and bridge financing for aircraft acquisition. With a majority of aircraft financiers focused on long term leases, Bravia Capital provides a much needed short term finance capability to the aviation marketplace. With headquarters in New York, Bravia also has offices in San Francisco, London and New Delhi. For more information, visit