Bravia Capital Completes Acquisition of Minority Position in Bac Ky Investment JSC

Mar 3, 2016

HANOI, Vietnam March 3, 2016 Bravia Capital (“Bravia”), a Hong Kong based investment firm, announced that it completed on March 3, 2016 an investment into Bac Ky Investment JSC (“Bac Ky”) to acquire up to a 49% stake in the Vietnamese logistics company. Located in Hanoi, Bac Ky is a leading logistics infrastructure developer and transportation provider for Northern Vietnam, supplying warehouse leasing, trucking, inland port logistics, customs clearance, and related services throughout the region.

Bravia Capital believes that Vietnamese growth fundamentals will provide a solid foundation for investment over the coming years and that the logistics sector, in particular, will play a key role in facilitating that growth. Furthermore, WTO commitments, proximity to expanding economies, and upcoming global and regional trade agreements will serve to increase the flow of goods and capital to the country.

Lê Tiến Nam, Chairman of Bac Ky said, “We are proud to have brought foreign investors to Hanoi and anticipate Vietnam’s private sector continuing to broaden its collaboration with the international community. Furthermore, the nation’s logistics sector will benefit substantially from upcoming TPP and other FTAs, as FDI inflows, from manufacturing companies seeking to relocate to Northern Vietnam, drive demand for integrated logistics solutions. As an experienced player in the transportation & logistics space, Bravia provides not only capital but also pivotal knowledge and access to augment our current growth initiatives.”

Nguyễn Trần Hiếu, CEO of Bac Ky said, “Bac Ky’s partnership with Bravia is of strategic importance to the company and our efforts to further develop the reach and scope of our logistics infrastructure and transportation services. With this investment, our company is excited to accelerate our business plan and pursue a number of new ventures.”

Robin Yan, Head of Investment for Bravia Capital said, “With the capability to deliver a full suite of logistics assets and services, Bac Ky is well positioned to capitalize on the soaring demand for quality transportation and storage in northern Vietnam. The company is primed for growth capital as it holds the necessary operating know-how and relationships to develop new modes and corridors of transport, facilitating the expansion of trade and manufacturing in the region. Bravia looks forward to leveraging its diverse experience with logistics and leasing businesses to develop Bac Ky’s presence into a dominant market leader across Vietnam and the region. Bac Ky is exactly the type of business we are looking to invest in within the parameters of our new platform.”

About Bravia Capital

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