Bravia Capital is awarded as the Best Specialist Alternative Investment Firm – Hong Kong by APAC Insider 2016

Mar 11, 2016

Bravia Capital has won the award of the Best Specialist Alternative Investment Firm – Hong Kong by APAC Insider 2016. An article about Bravia Capital is found in the magazine based on the interview with Robin Yan, Head of Investment at Bravia Capital

Bravia Capital is a specialist alternative investment firm with a primary focus on
transportation, logistics and leasing sectors, that have successfully led equity
investments with co-investors totalling approximately US$ 5 billion. We spoke to Robin
Yan, Head of Investment & Analytics at Bravia Capital, to find out more.

Our co-investment partners consist of strategic corporates and global financial investors. We take a value-oriented and collateral-focused approach to investments, and we align our interests with our coinvestment partners to exit investments profitably. Many of our senior management come from an operating background, and we have the ability to be very hands-on with our portfolio companies. First and foremost, we make sure we are economically incentivised to be in alignment with our co-investment partners. The firm believes in making financial commitments to transactions, aligning our interests with them to exit investments profitably. Furthermore, we are intently focused on managing risk, and are deeply involved with the operators of our businesses. Because we focus on linking businesses within a supply chain, we target investments that generate value and synergies for our portfolio companies. Finally, we are focused on delivering cash results rather than paper profits and NAV style valuations. If an investment can support it, we deliver fixed income to our co-investment partners, and because we have a relatively shorter hold period, they see cash returns quickly, and typically this provides them the conviction to invest in the next deal with us. As a company working in an industry that is constantly changing, we implement a number of measures to ensure that we remain ahead of the curve. We have developed a substantial origination network across the Asia Pacific region, and have personnel across key geographies across the globe. In doing so, we utilize our global network and long-standing relationships to source opportunities, and our strategic relationships provide a flow of proprietary deals with attractive economics. Given our sector focus, we end up investing in businesses that have mobile assets (whether they are aircraft, vessel, or container) spread across the world in Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, Middle East, and Africa. This makes us a global player, and we are now looking more closely at Pan-Asia focused opportunities. The combination of what we believe are fundamental long-term macro patterns and the current volatility in the market have created attractive entry points for investments in the region over the next 18 months. Perhaps the most distinguishing factor of our firm is that our investment strategy calls for us to establish control positions within market leaders, build scale through rollups, and exit through non-traditional capital market opportunities. We believe this strategy puts us on a fast track to make substantial sector bets, and if we are right in our assessments we are able to create a lot of value over a very short period of time. We have been known to be able to exit our positions within three to four years, a much shorter hold period than traditional private equity firms. This is what we would like to be known for: being able to quickly realize value for our stakeholders.

“Bravia Capital has won the award of the Best Specialist Alternative Investment Firm – Hong Kong by APAC Insider 2016”