Sir Garry Sobers Foundation

The Sir Garry Sobers Foundation is a London-based charity that aims to give financially disadvantaged youth the opportunity to play, learn and develop in the game of cricket. Sir Garry Sobers believes that cricket can provide children with the outlet to learn important life values and to feel hope by being part of something larger. A team.

As part of establishing Sir Garry Sobers’ legacy, the Foundation will seek to increase access to cricket among those who are less fortunate by:

  • Working with international cricket organizations and councils in identifying underprivileged children with talent and passion for the sport to be sponsored by the Foundation, and other private donors, in a two-week training session and tournament in London and/or Barbados.
  • Utilizing the values learned in cricket, teaching the next generation of cricketers important life skills and class that can be utilized outside the cricket field.
  • Establishing proper training facilities in Barbados and in other parts of the world where such  venues currently do not exist or are underserved.
  • Partnering with world-wide organizations and associations to help popularize the sport of cricket globally.
  • Teaching future cricketers the importance of the team point of view and the need to bring your best forward always, on and off the field.


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Recent News

    The game of cricket has the power to change the life trajectory of children who are financially disadvantaged. It is the Foundation’s mission to transform the lives of as many youth cricketers as it can in a positive and impactful way. Just as cricket did for Sir Garry.

    — Sir Garry Sobers