Lightning Technologies

Transaction Summary

Company: Lightning Technologies Inc

Capital Structure:Equity



  • Bravia acquired stake in Lightning in 2019
  • Lightning Technologies(LT) is an Advanced Materials and Industrial Technology company headquartered in Oxford, Michigan, USA.
  • With its Proprietary Exobond® Coating technology and manufacturing processes, LT is transforming the pallet industry. Labelled a market disruptor by one of the world’s leading packaging and testing centers, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and University, LT is proud to introduce the first real pallet industry innovation in decades.

Rationale & Strategy

  • LT’s technological breakthrough is the combination of its engineered pallet’s structural design and newly formulated proprietary hybrid polyurea spray Exobond® coating that is applied by high velocity, precision robotic automation to ensure the complete integrity of the Exobond® coating as well as the structural and dimensional consistency of the final product.
  • Lightning Technologies innovative pallet design provides:
    • Extreme durability for all end-to-end pooled pallet supply chain stages, including production floor, clean room, distribution, and retail display.
    • Excellent weight to strength performance to maximize loads and reduce fuel requirements to ship product generating lower total costs and contributing to significant reduction in carbon emissions.
    • Track and trace capabilities through smart IoT sensor technology that provides active location information.
    • Embedded impact, temperature and humidity sensing technology to assure food and pharmaceutical supply chain safety.
  • We believe the above attributes would help Lightning capture a considerable amount of the US Market

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

— Arthur C. Clarke