Bac Ky Investment JSC

Transaction Summary

Company: Bac Ky Investment JSC

Capital Structure: Common Equity + Debt

Geography: Vietnam


  • Bravia Acquired stake in Bac Ky in 2016
  • The Company manages 55,000 square meters (sqm) warehouse + 40,000 sqm container yard in Tien Son Industrial Park of Bah Ninh Province and operates a fleet of 52 trucks in various domestic routes to provide ancillary transportation services.
  • Bac Ky is also only one of five warehouse operators that is licensed to provide on-site customs clearance services in Northern Vietnam.

Rationale & Strategy

  • Bac Ky, is an end to end logistics provider with the intention of becoming an inland logistics supermarket
  • Compared to competitors, Bac Ky has superior quality warehouses, large fleet of trucks, access to new expressway to nearby HP port facilities and local management team with prior logistics experience
  • Bravia to provide international logistics know-how, operational best practices, capital structure planning and access to international capital markets

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